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Barrett Cooper Accounting, P.C. provides comprehensive tax services for individuals and businesses in Schertz and the surrounding areas as well as other multiple locations throughout the United States and Overseas. We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients.






Client Tax Organizers

One of the most dreaded tasks is that of organizing information for the tax return. It can be time consuming and frustrating to gather the information once a year for taxes. The client organizer functions as a guidebook in prompting the client to bring together all of the items of income and deductions for the tax return. It even questions the client to look for possible deductions that may be overlooked. The client organizer is available in paper form to be filled out and sent in. It can also be done on-line and tranferred to the accountant over the internet using our client portal.

Client Tax Organizer

IRS Resources:

Where's my Refund
Check the status of your refund

Withholding Calculator
Calculate if you need to have more withholding tax taken out of your employer check

Pay your federal taxes electronically

Various current and previous tax forms available for printing

Texas State Resources:

State Comptroller

Texas Secretary of State

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